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Esports news: 27th May.

Here we are to report on another week’s worth of esports news, it has been a quite one compared to more recent weeks. I would mainly put this down to most esports leagues having some time off between May and the beginning of June, but they are still some esports news to report on so let’s get straight into that.

Call of Duty World League

The biggest thing to talk about this week in the Call of Duty World League is that Optic Gaming are making it look incredibly easy whilst Luminosity are making it look as hard as can be. Optic have positioned themselves into first place with ease after a few dominating games against Evil Geniuses this week, Evil Geniuses tried to put up a fight, but Optic were just to determined to lose that first-place spot in Division A. Evil Geniuses manages to try and stay close in the first map, Hardpoint on Gridlock but Optic eventually proved to be too much. The following rounds resulted in Optic coming out on top with ease, they have secured their place in the CWL playoffs.

Team Reciprocity managed to clean up Midnight Esports in the first match pf the day whilst FaZe Clan finished of Gen.G within four maps. Both teams have managed to secure moving forward to claim the second-place spot with 11 game wins each, Optic are currently sitting on 14 wins.

On the other hand, however, we see Luminosity take a slide down to last place this week. The lack of morale was clear for this side during their game, they lost the first hardpoint game and then went on to lose the next one which was Search and Destroy. That was to be the 12th consecutive loss in a non-control game mode since CWL London. They were slight spark seen in the next game which off course was Control, Luminosity’s speciality, but that was short lived after the next game was hardpoint which UYU managed to run away with.

This was UYU’s first win since March 25th, Luminosity were favourites to win this game but seemed to manage to get in their own way on the hunt for a win, resulting in them coming dead last.

CWL Division A standings esports news

With only 2 games left of the season for each team, Optic have secured their first place and they are 3 teams fighting for that second-place spot- FaZe Clan, Midnight Esports and Reciprocity with the latter needing to win out due to being two games behind the others.

Overwatch League

Whilst the Overwatch League has been quite this past week due to them gearing up for the Overwatch Contenders Atlantic Showdown, they have been some news regarding the departure of Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer. Epic Games released a statement this week that they have hired him to head up their esports division which is a rather interesting move. Epic has shown previously that its serious about making Fortnite a bigger esports scene than it already is, and this just puts the icing on the cake. Nate has been one of the few that has made Overwatch the huge scene it is now, imagine what he will be able to do over at Epic Games. Caffeine Lounge will be keeping you informed with how the Fortnite esports comes along.

Meanwhile as previously mentioned, the OWL is gearing up for its net event before Stage 3 starts on the 7th June. OW Contenders is kicking off for three days of full blown esports action, the first game will start on Friday 31st May. Be sure to tune in, I know we will!

CS: GO Pro League

One of the only few esports to have a full week’s worth of action as well. Group B saw all their games take place and it was a good one. The Europe sides saw North coming out on top with winning all three games played, closely followed by Heroic after being beaten by North on the 22nd May. German side, BIG see themselves at the bottom after losing all three games played.

On the Americas side of things, Cloud9 were the ones who came out on top managing to win all three games with ease. They are closely followed by Ghost Gaming who managed to only lose the one game. Infinity Esports were the losers in this division coming last on the table.

League table for CS: GO esports news

CS: GO Pro league sees its Occitanie finals kick off on 21st June in Montpellier, France. They are $750,000 up for grabs and 16 teams competing to win it. As always, Caffeine Lounge will be writing up the action in its weekly blog!

Thank you for stopping by for another edition of the Caffeine Lounge Blog’s esports news. The next edition kicks of June which sees a lot of action coming up in most of the biggest esports scenes, including Overwatch’s Stage 3. Tune in next Monday for more esports news and drop by Caffeine Gaming’s Forums to spark up a conversation!

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