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UK’s Largest Esports Bar Opens 


UK’s Largest Esports Bar Opens

  • Exciting new gaming hub
  • Contemporary bar and lounge
  • Host regular events and competitions

November 25, 2019: 

The UK’s largest e-sports venue launches in East Anglia with the much-anticipated opening of the Caffeine Lounge in Sudbury, Suffolk on November 30th at 5:00pm.

Likely to attract gamers of all ages from around the region, the venue is expected to become a popular social scene and put Sudbury on the map in the esports industry. The venue will offer 50 gaming stations equipped with the latest high-end gaming PCs and peripherals which will appeal to all gamers wanting to get their daily fix of challenges and competitions.

Caffeine Lounge founder William Ward said, “We are creating a unique concept in the gaming world, taking gaming out of the bedroom and home, into an exciting destination. We expect a wide age range of customers to come along to game, or watch the streaming of major gaming events from around the world on our giant 95-inch screen. We also plan to put on competitions with local teams playing against others from around the country and internationally.”

The venue will also host the Caffeine Gaming Show – a livestream broadcast featuring industry news, product reviews and showcases esports exhibitions events. Viewers can watch the show on Twitch or catch up on YouTube.

The interior design and layout of the Caffeine Lounge has been created by industry experts, using local contractors to deliver a very contemporary look and ambience. A contemporary bar and lounge area will serve Crude coffee (produced in Bury St Edmunds) as well as a full range of alcoholic and non–alcoholic beverages and cocktails. Monster Energy drinks have already signed up as founding sponsor and supplier. Ward said “We’ve created an awesome bar and lounge where people can come and hang out with their friends, or hit the gaming area for some immersive action.”

Interest has already been shown by local academic institutions who are introducing gaming technology courses and want to use the venue for workshops and recruit students.

Subscriptions will be available with special weekly, monthly and annual rates, or PCs can be rented by the hour. There are also plans to provide gaming for the disabled using special console controls, and use day time slots at the venue for school groups and kids parties.

Ward added: “We intend to be a safe community space for younger gamers. There is a special area for under 16s.”

Opening hours will be flexible. Starting at 9.00am, running through to 3.30am.

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Esports Industry Facts

  • Estimated 600+ million esports viewers globally by 2020
  • Over £1 Billion industry
  • UK = 37.3m players (2018)
  • £3.5bn spend
  • UK is world’s 6th biggest games market
  • 70% Male, 30% female gamers
  • https://newzoo.com/insights/trend-reports/

About Caffeine Gaming & Caffeine Lounge


Caffeine Gaming is a new and exciting site which pulls together the hottest news and information from the best gaming sites around the world. All here in one place which makes it easy for you to stay completely connected with the industry and the latest developments. We are also a site which publishes your own views and content to enable readers to benefit from each other’s opinions and experiences. 


Caffeine Lounge is a new concept in the fast-growing world of esports. 

A centre dedicated to providing the perfect environment for esports teams, players, brands and sponsors. We have the facilities to run internal and external tournaments from our state of the art venue. 50 high-end gaming PCs running all the latest esports games. Two booths dedicated for streaming and casting. A studio for live chat shows. Event space for any brand to come and launch a product and show everyone the power of their gear.

Caffeine Lounge is based in Sudbury, Suffolk – a location which benefits from a wide catchment area – from Colchester and Ipswich to the east, Bury St Edmunds to the north, and Braintree and Chelmsford to the south. Sudbury has good road links and the train station is a few hundred metres from Caffeine Lounge.



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