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Weekly esports news roundup: 20th May

The world of esports continues to grow and succeed with weekly action from big games all around the globe. Here at the Caffeine Lounge we take pride in trying to be involved in as much esports as we possibly can, reporting the events and results to you. This article is the first of a weekly series reporting on the recent weeks esports news. So, let’s get stuck right in:

Call of Duty World League

The Call of Duty World League just had a rather successive run down in London, it was amazing to see the fun everyone was having on my twitter feed. Caffeine Gaming was at the event recording and interviewing, you can check one video out below.

The regular season is underway for the CWL and its set to be a great one. Already the CWL is filling the esports news pages. Tuesday saw some big games, FaZe Clan fought against Luminosity in the highly anticipated rematch. FaZe Clan was victim to an in-game bug during CWL London, one that Luminosity capitalised on to gain the win. Whilst this game was not as big as the London one it still held significance as both teams were 4th and 5th in the league table, meaning a win was sought after for both teams. The game ended up being dominated by FaZe winning all three rounds without much difficulty which results in FaZe being half a game behind third place Midnight Esports.  

Wednesday saw FaZe losing to OpTic Gaming though whilst Evil Geniuses, Midnight and Reciprocity pulled out wins across the board, all games were hard thought with majority of them being 3-2 wins. This is what esports is all about.

As we moved into Thursday, Midnight were looking to continue their winning streak and Luminosity were desperate for any kind of win. Unfortunately, though, Luminosity were no match for Midnight who managed to sweep their opponents without showing any mercy. Midnight have another successful week and Luminosity are slowly running out of time to qualify for the finals. OpTic Gaming are still clear at first place, closely followed by Gen.G.

Currently the table standings are:

Division A table for CWL. Esports news of the week.

Overwatch League

Overwatch is constantly in the esports news and Stage 2 of the Overwatch League came to a rather poetic end recently with San Fran Shock beating the Vancouver Titans in a closely fought final. Stage 1 saw the Shock fall to the Titans but this time around Shock got their revenge, toppling the Titans for the Stage 2 championship. Well done to them and here’s to seeing what these teams do against each other in the next stage.

Wednesday saw the start of the OWL: All Stars event. Starting off with the Talent Takedown which is always a fantastic event to watch, each year we see certain players dominate more than others and teams made or broke. This year was a good a year as any, the Pacific team dominated last year but this year saw the Atlantic team doing the dominating, perfectly highlighting why we love Overwatch esports. Below are the top 5 plays from the game:

Stage 3 of the Overwatch League starts 7th June with San Francisco Shock taking on Atlantic Reign. Caffeine Gaming will be reporting on the games for the Caffeine Lounge so stick around for then!

Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League

This weekend saw the Season 9 final of the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League in Milan, Italy. Going into the final it was seen as anyone’s game; the grand final was to be fought between North America’s Evil Geniuses and Europe’s Team Empire. This final was to be come one for the history books, Evil Geniuses managed to get to tournament point on Map 2 but then Team Empire pulled out the comeback of all comebacks to only go on and win the final 7-3 on the third and final map.

This final summed up everything that esports is, plays that make fans gasp, two teams fighting with all they have to win the prize and comebacks after comebacks. After Empire had managed to return from nearly loosing the tournament on the second map they went into the third map dominating, earning themselves a 6-1 to start. The next 3 rounds saw Evil Geniuses round up Empire to make their own comeback it seemed. Round 10 saw them do the same, wiping out majority of Empire’s players baring two who managed to kill off Evil Geniuses for the tournament win. Check out the video below:

Next up for Rainbow Six Esports is the Six Major 2019 which will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina in August 12-18. Then onto Season 10 of the Pro League, Caffeine Gaming will be online reporting on all the games, so we will see you there!

League of Legends

The MSI 2019 final saw history made for League of Legends. G2 managed to wipe the floor with Team Liquid in their final in just over an hour, making it the fastest best-of-5 final in all of League history. It was Europe’s first major international title since 2011. Team Liquid looked nothing like the team they were when they took down world champions Invictus Gaming, G2 were all over Liquid from the start of the first game, causing skirmishes before minions had even spawned in. The entire final saw G2 give no breathing space to Liquid, pressing the advantage every chance they got. Game 1 saw G2 dominate for 25 minutes without Liquid making any ground. Game 2 saw Liquid put up more of a fight with them getting an advantage early on but soon enough Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther cut through their lines up the middle lane, which was all the window G2 needed to seize the advantage and go on to win the game in 28 minutes.

The third game (video above) would end up being the final one, Liquid had no choice but to come out fighting for life and death in this game or their chances were over. The only issues with their plans was G2 was not willing to let this final slip out of their hands, the third game saw G2 dominating yet again being all over the map and Liquid clearly having no idea how to combat them. Ultimately, Liquid fell to a far superior side in this final and Europe are the champions once again.

Check back in next week to get a low down on the weeks esports news and results! Until then, Game on!

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