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Esports Events

Welcome to Suffolk Smash, the biggest Smash event in Suffolk!

A monthly event run in Sudbury, Suffolk in the Caffeine Lounge, by The Sixth Sense esports team and the staff at the lounge. The venue will run both Ultimate Singles and Ultimate Doubles on the day, but also has room for spectators if you just wish to watch instead of competing.

Why should you attend?

Good question. Well, first off, the venue is the Caffeine Lounge, the biggest gaming lounge in the UK. The venue can fit around 150 people, so there will be plenty of room for both competitors and spectators. Secondly, there are easy ways to the venue. You can take a train or bus there from Ipswich, or you can drive there as there is space nearby to park your cars. We will also have the tournament streamed live on Twitch.

Smash Suffolk