FIFA Rules


Entry Fee £5

– Hacking, Cheating & Greifing are not allowed and will result in an instant disqualification.
– Foul language is also not acceptable. We have young kids taking part. You may be disqualified and asked to leave.

– Age 13+
– Respect your opponent. Nobody like a sore loser.
– Settings: Standard settings
– Match durance: 12 minutes (6 minutes per half)
– Game speed: Normal
– Level: Legendary
– All matches should be played by a ┬┤Friendly Match’
– All matches has to be played with the online squads.
– After a draw you must go straight to penalties.
– Match must be undertaken on a Caffeine Lounge Xbox in front of a Gaming Expert who will then note the results of the game.
– Entry fees are non refundable. They will only be refunded if the competition needs to be cancelled. If it can be rearranged for another date you will be given the option to have a refund or enter again.
Rules may change. Please keep an eye on them here.